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Nabir Foundation is an organisation that is working closely with families and communities to create an environment that protects, promotes and educates children and adults in the South Asian region of Bangladesh. With your much valued help and support, we believe we can help underprivileged people in Bangladesh by providing them with the basic tools they need to start living their lives afresh.

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Our Mission

At Nabir Foundation our long term objective is to transform a less then thriving location to one that can support itself independently. This can only be done by providing communities with additional schools, provisional housing, and medical care. We believe that these are the necessary tools needed for a local area of South Asia to thrive. We also aim to create a governing body that will ensure that members of these communities are not being exploited and abused. We feel that our aims can only be defined in the current climate of the community, and in order to define aims they must be a reflection of what is needed by the community during that period of time.

Bangladesh is located in the southern region of Asia near the Bay of Bengal. This is an area that we are primarily focusing our efforts. Bangladesh is still considered to be a developing nation, having been affected by numerous cyclones and floods on a yearly basis; it has been difficult for communities to flourish as they do not have homes to live in, a clean supply of food and water, or access to education.

To begin improving these communities, our short terms aims are to:

Build proper housing quarters
Provide clean water
Provide children and adults with access to more free education centres and schools
Build a medical centre, similar to the National Health Service, where people can access a General Practitioner and use a walk-in clinic service
Nabir Foundation wishes to help these small communities in Bangladesh by initially providing them with basic aid, resources, and eventually as we grow as an organisation, we can reach out and help larger communities and make a larger impact on the living conditions of people throughout Bangladesh.


Our Work

With the help of our supporters, Nabir Foundation is happy to state that we have already started making a difference to the small communities of Bangladesh by building six water wells so far. These supply fresh, filtered, and most importantly safe drinking water to the small villages in our focus area of Bangladesh. This will prevent any further illnesses caused by contaminated water and has made water more accessible. We aim to build many more throughout neighbouring areas in Bangladesh.

We have also built eight houses which were not just built with the aim of creating a better exterior; they also have much better facilities such as fully fitted washrooms and running water. The kitchens are also better equipped and less hazardous. The general interior of the homes built by Nabir Foundation are of an improved and liveable condition, when compared to the homes that we replaced.

Nabir Foundation has successfully built one school in 2012. The school has learning equipment and books, and provides free education to children. Children can learn core subjects that they had no access to before. They also now have an improved way of life, learning basic key skills, such as time-keeping and better communication skills.

Lastly, we have set up many small medical camps, providing free healthcare and advice to residents of small villages and communities. We aim to continue using these medical camps until we have the means to build a large centre whereby more aid and advice can be given out, more patients can be tended to, and people can access nurses/doctors on emergency. With all the projects Nabir Foundation has undertaken in Bangladesh, we have grown as an organisation. We have learnt more and have begun making a difference to people’s lives. With the help and support of our donors, we can achieve much more in the years to come.

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